Applications Now Being Accepted for Spring Semester 2019 Scholarship

Award: One student will be selected each semester to receive a $5,000 scholarship
Application deadline for fall semester: May 31 (recipient announced by June 30)
Application deadline for spring semester: October 31 (recipient announced by November 30)
Submit entry to: [email protected]

Are you fascinated by data and the role it plays in today’s (and tomorrow’s) society? Here at Liaison, we encourage our employees, customers, and YOU to ponder the many aspects of our lives and businesses that are impacted by good—or bad—data practices. How can we better leverage data to change industry? How can we best protect data and people’s privacy? What does the data-inspired future hold?

As the amount—and potential—of data continues to dramatically increase, the answers to these questions are sought by leading professionals of every field. So there’s no time like the present to wrap your mind around the many implications of ever-increasing data volume, variety, and velocity, and get a head start on your data-inspired career! That’s the purpose of this scholarship—to encourage and support students as they consider the influential role of data and apply their talents to drive innovation.

Requirements & Rules

  • Applicant must be a high school senior or college student
  • Applicant must submit a video entry (see video guidelines below)
  • Applicant must submit a resume
  • Applicant must specify the college he or she plans to attend as well as intended major/minor
  • Scholarship recipient has no obligation to Liaison Technologies
  • No submission of credit card or Social Security Number information is required to apply
  • The scholarship winner will receive the funds directly from Liaison. However, these funds must be used to pay for tuition at a qualifying college, university or technical school for continuing education.
  • To qualify, the school must be located within the United States of America or Canada. Exceptions can be made for international programs. However, this information must be disclosed at the time of the scholarship application.
  • This scholarship is available to citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States of America and Canada.
  • The scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate school applicants.

How to Apply

  1. Create a 30-60 second video that:
    • Discusses/explains/demonstrates an important aspect of data in today’s or tomorrow’s society
    • Includes one interesting fact about yourself plus the college you plan to attend and your intended major/minor
  2. Upload the video to a public URL such as YouTube or Vimeo
  3. Send an email to [email protected] that includes:
    • The URL of your video
    • Your resume
    • Be sure to include the college you plan to attend and your intended major/minor in your email and resume as well

Thank you for your interest and good luck!