AUT University, New Zealand: The Capstone Editing Scholarship for Indigenous High School Students

AUT is the second largest university in New Zealand. We have been a university since 2000, but a place of learning for 120 years and operate in accordance with the Education Act (1989).

Regulations and Application Form
Closing date:28/10/2019
Applications are open from 17 February to 28 October 2019.
Value of Award:$1000
No. of awards:One
Tenure: One Year
In March 2017, Universities Australia launched an ambitious new plan to increase Indigenous participation in tertiary education: ‘In the first national strategy of its kind, universities will seek to grow the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in university by 50 per cent above the growth rate of non-Indigenous students’.  
Capstone Editing seeks to make a modest contribution towards this target through our Scholarship for Indigenous High School Students. The scholarship will initially be available in South Australia, the home state of Dr Lines, but will hopefully be expanded to other states in the future.

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