Seattle University, US: 2019-20 Merit Awards for First-Year International Students, 2019-20 Merit Scholarships for Transfers

2019-20 Merit Awards for First-Year International Students

New full-time Seattle University freshmen who are international students will be considered for one of the following awards at the time of their admission. Freshman admits required to complete the English Language and Culture Bridge (ELCB) program to meet English Proficiency requirements are not eligible for merit awards.

Scholarship recipients must meet all university requirements for regular admission to the fall, winter, or spring quarter.

International students are those students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents and typically require a visa to study in the United States. International freshman applicants must submit official SAT or ACT scores in order to be considered for a scholarship award.

Academic ScholarshipsAmount
Trustee’s Scholarship for International Students$15,000* per academic year
President’s Scholarship for International Students$12,000* per academic year
Provost’s Scholarship for International Students$9,000* per academic year
Dean’s Scholarship for International Students$7,000* per academic year

2019-20 Merit Scholarships for Transfers

Transfer applicants who have completed minimally 36 transferable quarter credits after high school graduation will be considered for one of the following transfer merit scholarship awards based on their GPA at the time of their admission. Applicants who have completed fewer than 36 transferable quarter credits will be holistically reviewed for scholasrhip consideration. Both domestic and international students are eligible for consideration and there is no separate application required. Transfer students admitted with the English Language & Culture Bridge (ELCB) Program provision are not eligible to receive merit scholarships. Please note that post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for merit scholarships.

Transfer ScholarshipsAmountQualifications
Messina Scholarship$18,000 per academic year3.75 – 4.0 cumulative transfer GPA.
Xavier Scholarship$15,000 per academic year3.5 – 3.74 cumulative transfer GPA.
Loyola Scholarship$12,000 per academic year3.25 – 3.49 cumulative transfer GPA.
Hurtado Scholarship$8,000 per academic year3.0 – 3.24 cumulative transfer GPA.

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