University of Manitoba, Canada: International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarship was established to reward academic excellence by international students graduating from international high schools and entering studies at the University of Manitoba.

Scholarships will be offered to students who:

  • are international students (i.e. in Canada on valid study permits) who have applied for admission to any Faculty or School at the University of Manitoba by the deadline date of March 1;
  • are paying the international student tuition fee rates;
  • have achieved a minimum high school average of 85% based on the best five academic courses from the approved list.

The value of each award is set each year in tiers based on high school grade averages. As an example, for the year 2018-2019 the award values were as follows:

Averages greater than or equal to 95% –  $3,000

Averages greater than or equal to 90% –  $2,000

Averages greater than or equal to 85% –  $1,000

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